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John D. MacArthur

John writes about practical neuroscience.
He researched and wrote the "The Human Brain"
for the Franklin Institute Science Museum (archived).

Franklin Institute Human Brain, archived

Neuroscience Reports Published by the Townsend Letter

Too Much Copper, Too Little Zinc, and Cognitive Deterioration in Alzheimer's Disease Co-written with George J. Brewer, MD
Inorganic copper from drinking water and multivitamin supplements may be a causal factor in the growing prevalence of Alzheimer's disease. Zinc deficiency appears to be another contributor. Preventive strategies are offered.

Overdosed: Fluoride, Copper and Alzheimer's Disease
Minimizing ingestion of these two common substances may prove to be a simple and effective way to help prevent Alzheimer's disease.

Cell Phones and the Brain: How Electricity Affects Biology
This comprehensive report reviews evidence that shows how electromagnetic fields interact with biological processes: by increasing free radicals; by activating the stress response; and by altering enzyme reactions.

April 2016 Cover story

"For those who have felt squeamish about resisting the pro-fluoride lobby, MacArthur's article cites numerous studies showing the relationship between fluoride bioaccumulation and adverse effects on human health. MacArthur's previous articles in the Townsend Letter and this article will serve well when supporting antifluoridation efforts."

– Jonathan Collin, MD

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