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Fluoride and Life Decay

Fluoridationists are obsessed with teeth, but
swallowing fluoride affects the whole body and brain.

It is well established that
fluoride increases oxidative stress and inflammation –
cellular processes that underlie the development of most diseases.

What is fluoridated water's correlation with
disease and death: Decayed and Missing years?

Decayed Years:
Fluoridation and Disease

Fluoride and Life Decay

These diseased years are filled with prescription drugs. For example, the prescribing rate for opioid pain relievers averaged 9% higher in the 20 states fluoridated more than 80% compared to the 30 states fluoridated less than 80%.[10]

Missing Years:
Fluoridation and Life Expectancy

Fluoride and Life Decay

Fluoridationists of course dismiss "12% more missing years,"
arguing that 0.6 years is an insignificant 1% of 84 years.

At the same time, their sales pitch claims a difference of 0.6 tooth surfaces equals 18% less tooth decay – based on the US government's biggest (and still its best) study[12] – proving the dire need to fluoridate America's drinking water.

Reality check: There are more than 100 tooth surfaces,
so 0.6 surfaces is an insignificant 1% difference in oral health.

Fluoridated water's multiple correlations with life decay
make a far more compelling case to stop fluoridation, than its
single correlation with tooth decay did to start fluoridation in 1945 –
based on dental survey data from the 1930s that has since been debunked.

If the stopping of water fluoridation resulted in only a 10-percent reduction
in the number of decayed and missing years, it would greatly benefit
millions of Americans and save billions of dollars a year.


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For decades, mental retardation rates have averaged
significantly higher in states with the most fluoridated water.

Cancers of the mouth and colon are positively
associated with optimally fluoridated drinking water.