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2007 Oregon Smile Survey Cover Up

Water fluoridation and tooth decay rates both increased over 5 years,
but the Oregon dental establishment concealed this fact.

2007 Oregon Smile Survey with Fluoridation Included

With such a fervent belief that fluoridation is the top preventive measure proven effective in reducing tooth decay, it's no wonder Oregon's dental establishment did not mention fluoridation stats in their otherwise comprehensive 2007 Oregon Smile Survey:

2007 Oregon Smile Survey page 9

As stated in their Executive Summary:
The results of the study were "sobering."

More like "criminal," when fluoridation stats are revealed:
Fluoridation Included in 2007 Oregon Smile Survey page 9

With a 41% increase in fluoridation, "Oregon's
school children worsened in every major measurement":

  • Already had a cavity (12%)
  • Had a cavity in adult teeth (38%)
  • Rampant decay (25%)
  • Untreated tooth decay (49%)

This is evidence of a false sense of safety resulting from the dental establishment's incessant insistence that fluoridated water is a top-10 public health achievement (page 18):


Something else the 2007 survey revealed (page 16): unfluoridated Portland had half the rate of untreated tooth decay than the rest of Oregon:
Better oral health in (unfluoridated) Portland.

Better Oral Health in Unfluoridated Portland
(and How They Spun It)

"Children in the Portland metropolitan area have less untreated tooth decay, are less likely to have ever had a cavity and are less likely to need urgent dental treatment." – Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS)

DHS and the Associated Press coverage failed to mention that Portland's drinking water was not fluoridated.

In contrast, a pro-fluoridation newspaper did say that "Portland is the largest city in the United States that does not fluoridate its water," but failed to mention that Portland had better oral health, even though the editors used the survey to validate their belief that "were fluoridation more widespread in Oregon, the 2007 Oregon Smile Survey might actually contain something to smile about." (Require Fluoridation, Bend Bulletin, 20 Nov 2007)

Citing Oregon's worsening dental health (not mentioning it's worsening nationwide), the editors question whether Oregon is "really part of a developed, first-world country" and calling it a "population of public-health Luddites," because Oregon is one of the least fluoridated states. (Fluoridate Already, 25 Apr 2008)

If that editorial board thinks Oregonians are public-health Luddites, then they must think Swedes are downright Neanderthals, because Sweden outlawed water fluoridation in 1980, thanks in large part to Dr. Arvid Carlsson. This winner of the 2000 Nobel Prize in Medicine said water fluoridation is an obsolete practice that's "against all principles of modern pharmacology."

Conspicuously absent from the Oregon 2007 Smile Survey was any evidence of the centerpiece of the fluoridation sales pitch. No reduction in kids' cavities were reported for artificially fluoridated Salem, Beaverton, or Corvallis.

Also missing was evidence of less tooth decay in children living in any of Oregon's 35 communities whose water systems have levels of natural (calcium) fluoride considered optimal for protecting teeth.

What Oregon's Smile Survey did reveal was that low-income children and those without dental insurance had poorer oral health and less access to care. This is the same (and worsening) situation across the nation.

Chart prepared by Dr. Bill Osmunson

2012 Oregon Smile Survey
After Oregon's Fluoride-For-All Lobby (OFFAL) was confronted with this fluoridation reality check, Portland statistics were omitted from the next state survey in 2012. An investigative a journalist, however, compared tooth-decay rates of children living in fluoridated vs. nonfluoridated areas of Oregon.

Again, the data showed unfluoridated students living in the Portland water district had better oral health than fluoridated kids elsewhere in the state.

– Bailey-Shah S. Before you vote: Fluoride and kids' teeth – what does the data show? (KATU News, April 26, 2013)

"King" Fluoride

Despite the 2007 Oregon Smile Survey's findings that show water fluoridation was ineffective at reducing tooth decay, Oregon DHS is determined that every man, woman, child, and fetus consume fluoride via drinking water or supplements.

DHS continued feeding fluoride tablets to tens of thousands of school children – even though the agency's archaic program was ineffective and worse:

"In the event that a child takes more than the recommended
dose of fluoride, call the Poison Control Center."
Oregon's King Fluoride School-Based Tablet Program

Earlier crap from OFFAL:
2000 Oral Health Report Card