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In non-fluoridated cities: No doses of fluoride from supplements
are allowed for babies during their first 6 months after birth.

In fluoridated cities: High doses of fluoride from mothers' drinking water
are encouraged for babies during their 9 months before birth.

Pharmacy or Faucet:
Where does your child get fluoride?

Where does your child get fluoride: Pharmacist or Faucet?

Fluoridated Water and Pregnancy Do Not Mix

Health authorities advise parents in unfluoridated communities to feed their infants fluoride supplements: a prescription drug that delivers 0.25 mg of fluoride in a dropperful of water whose fluoride concentration is 350 times higher than tap water's.

Fluoride Irrationality: Supplements, Water, Toothpaste

Children's health authorities have long cautioned that
fluoride supplements should not be given to
babies in their first 6 months after birth
The same authorities ignore babies in the womb
who are easily over exposed to fluoride:

Fluoride Irrationality: Supplements, Water, Toothpaste

Fetal fluoride levels average about two-thirds of maternal levels.

With each 3 cups of fluoridated tap water a pregnant woman drinks,
her baby in the womb is exposed to a fluoride dose over
the maximum daily amount of fluoride that can be
prescribed for infants more than 6 months old.

Fluoride Supplement Schedule

Fluoride supplements are unapproved prescription drugs
in Pregnancy Category C.

When pregnant women take fluoride supplements, so do her babies.
Sadly, a trusted women's health association still advises women
to take fluoride supplements if their water is not fluoridated.

Infancy and Fluoride Do Not Mix:
A 0.25 mg dose of fluoride is 15 times higher than the daily amount
of fluoride that six-month-old breastfed infants consume.