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Fluoride is a Developmental Neurotoxicant

A team of researchers at the Neurotoxicology Division of the EPA determined in 2009 that fluoride is a "developmental neurotoxicant" – one of about 100 chemicals with "substantial evidence" (highest category) for toxicity to the developing mammalian nervous system.

On the list are substances pregnant women already should avoid:
Amphetamine, Arsenic, Bisphenol A, Chlorpyrifos, Cocaine,
Methylmercury, Ethanol (Alcohol), Nicotine, and Lead

Developmental Neurotoxicants

In 2015, the same researchers determined that 15 of these chemicals represent the "gold standard" because they provide evidence of neurodevelopmental effects in humans.

Fluoride is one of these Gold Standard Developmental Neurotoxicants

Fluoridation Chemicals Leach Lead and Copper into Tap Water

See Appendix C of Pregnancy and Fluoride Do Not Mix, which is an excerpt (pages 7-8) from the author's 2013 report, Overdosed: Fluoride, Copper and Alzheimer's Disease.

Like lead, copper consumption is a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease. In the 10 most fluoridated states, the Alzheimer's disease death rate is 25% higher than in the 10 least fluoridated states. See Fluoride and Life Decay.

Fluoridation chemicals are increasingly imported from China – a country with a track record of lead paint on toys and antifreeze in cough syrup – where regulatory monitoring is minimal if at all. These Chinese chemicals added to America's drinking water contain levels of arsenic and lead that greatly exceed the EPA's Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) for these dangerous developmental neurotoxicants.

Intentionally adding fluoride, arsenic, or lead to the drinking water that pregnant women drink is a form of "domestic violence" – a serious problem America's Founders recognized and provided a remedy for in Article IV, Section 4 of the US Constitution, the same clause that protects us from "invasion."

Imagine America's response, if the Chinese government itself were adding their toxic fluoridation chemicals to the water we drink, bathe, and cook with!!

CAFFEINE Update (Nov. 2017): A major review published in the British Medical Journal indicates that high coffee consumption during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth, compared to low or no coffee consumption.

The US Institute of Medicine (2007) said, "Those born preterm have an appreciable risk of long-term neurological impairment and developmental delay."

Maternal fluoride is a well-established risk factor for preterm birth.

Chlorpyrifos (CPF) is also a gold-standard toxin, based on a 2006 study whose authors published further proof in 2011 of this pesticide's developmental neurotoxicity to humans. Prenatal CPF exposure was associated with lower IQs at age 7.

This is a similar result to a major study funded by the National Institutes of Health that was published in September 2017. It concluded that higher fluoride levels in pregnant women are associated with lower IQs in their children. (Watch 3 minute video about it.)

Bashash M, Thomas D, Hu H, et al. Prenatal fluoride exposure and cognitive outcomes in children at 4 and 6-12 years of age in Mexico. Environ Health Perspect. 2017 Sep 19;125(9):097017.

The National Scientific Council on the Developing Child includes many of these chemicals in "Early Exposure to Toxic Substances Damages Brain Architecture," its eye-opening 2006 report about how the timing of exposure to a toxic substance is the most critical factor in disrupting brain development.