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A decades-old problem:

Fluoridated Water's Association with Rates of
Mental Retardation and Intellectual Disability


Prevalence rates of children (ages 6-17) with mental retardation
averaged 33% higher in the most fluoridated states:

• In the 26 states fluoridated above the average national level (62.1%), mental retardation prevalence averaged 13.46 children per 1,000 population.

• In the 24 least fluoridated states, it averaged 10.09 children.

Fluoridated drinking water was therefore associated with about 337 more mentally retarded children per 100,000 population in 1993.

Fluoridation Rates in US States (1992). Mental Retardation Rates in US States (1993).
Fluoridation Rates (1992)   Right click image to enlarge   Mental Retardation Rates (1993)

"Mental retardation is the most common developmental disability
and ranks first among chronic conditions causing major activity
limitations among persons in the United States." – CDC (1996)

"Average lifetime costs per person were estimated at $1,014,000
for persons with mental retardation." – CDC (2004)

The federal government stopped using the term mental retardation
in 2010 and replaced it with "intellectual disability."


Prevalence rates of students (ages 6-21) with intellectual disability
averaged 57% higher in the most fluoridated states:

• In the 24 states fluoridated below the average national level (74.6%), intellectual disability prevalence averaged 0.67%.

• In the 26 most fluoridated states, it averaged 1.05%.

In the 10 most fluoridated states (average 96.6% fluoridated), prevalence rates of intellectual disability averaged 85% higher than in the 10 least fluoridated states (average 35.4% fluoridated): 1,068 vs 578 students per 100,000.

Autism prevalence averaged 14.7% higher for students aged 6-21 years living in the 10 most fluoridated states, compared to those in the 10 least fluoridated states: 923 vs 805 students per 100,000.

Fluoridation Rates (2012)
State-by-State Prevalence Rates of Disability Categories (2012-2013)

"Over the past half century the prevalence of childhood disability increased dramatically... The percentage of children with disabilities rose 16% between 2001 and 2011... Disability due to neurodevelopmental or mental health conditions rose substantially." – Pediatrics (2014)

What has also increased dramatically over the past half century
is the number of Americans consuming fluoride, the EPA-designated
"developmental neurotoxicant" added to their drinking water
and beverages made in fluoridated cities.

Fluoride is a Risk Factor for Premature Birth

"Those born preterm have an appreciable risk of long-term
neurological impairment and developmental delay

"Many studies have documented the prevalence of a broad range of neurodevelopmental impairments in preterm survivors. The spectrum of neurodevelopmental disabilities includes cerebral palsy, mental retardation, visual and hearing impairments, and more subtle disorders of central nervous system function." – Institute of Medicine (2007)